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Born in Italy and creates to follow you everywhere. It’s your Anita Bilardi.

It is the right arm of every woman, the rampant enigma of every man, your prêt-à-porter icon.

Dedicated to people who don’t need reference points, they find new ones.

And show off their personality as an accessory. Not accessory.


Life is a stage no one can interpret but you. Thanks to your Anita Bilardi.

You find it, try it and bring in the scene with you.

Among its delicates creases, recondite spaces, and details animated by the Italian experience, it hides a continuous coup de théâtre. That is waiting for you.




It is the constantly reinterpreting Picasso Bag.

It is the main protagonist of its brand and your life faith sidekick too.

Like an homage to the universal pop culture, Picasso Bag reflects floats as a cult object between theatre and cinema, ancient and modern history, visive and textiles art.


The first-ever leading lady inspired, which plissé wrinkles can transform the daily into legend, bringing the celebrated Marilyn Monroe fluttering white skirt and brings it to your life.


With Picasso Bag, the artisanal tailoring shows shapes and colors, time and space, dream and reality.

Thanks to Picasso Bag, Made in Italy becomes a privileged orchestra that discovers the world.

With Picasso Bag, the power of the feminine is independence, freedom, and lightness, to live with the same spontaneity Marilyn used to dominate her white dress.


It’s the one, your Picasso Bag.






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